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Introducing the ultiFIT Combine Games!
We are very excited to announce the newest fitness & obstacle fusion competition series... The ultiFIT Combine Games! Instead of running an obstacle/ninja course, we are testing your skills in a strategy based, timed competition, completing a series of point-based challenges, both fitness and obstacles!
November 9, 2019 -- Naperville

The End Of The Boring Workout Is Finally Here!

ULTIFIT is a revolutionary fitness program that combines the most effective principals of high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) and optional obstacle course training for BIG results. Whether you are an advanced athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, our coaching and uplifting community meet you right where you are and help you accomplish goals you never thought possible.

At ULTIFIT, no two classes are ever the same! Each daily workout is designed by Ninja Warrior competitor, Tori Clement, and NETFLIX’s Ultimate Beastmaster competitor and Ninja Warrior competitor, Brian Redard. Our passionate coaches will motivate, guide and push you, leaving you feeling encouraged, inspired and empowered.

To truly understand the magic of ULTIFIT, you have to experience it firsthand...TRY US OUT with a FREE first class or fully test-drive ULTIFIT with our six-week Push4Progress program!

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"It's really inclusive — there are all kinds of body types and there are all different ages and all different skill levels and everybody's just there to work hard and support each other."
"We love new people. There is no judgment. It's just happiness that you're here, it's happiness that you showed up, that you tried, that you made it through a workout, and that you're coming back again."
" Immediately from the first day of class, I felt so welcome and like I was already a part of a community. I was hooked. "

"We always emphasize strength and mobility and to push for progress every day, no matter how much older you're getting. I can't tell you how many times we've had clients say, wow, I just turned 50 and I'm in better shape than I was at 25. "

Tori Clement, ULTIFIT Co-Founder

We're going to help you become a higher functioning version of yourself. You're going to feel better, you're going to move better and you're just going to have more energy.” <br>

— Brian Redard, ULTIFIT Co-Founder

"We are like mad scientists. We take pride in designing a fresh vibe with daily workouts we'd want to do."

— Brian Redard, ULTIFIT Co-Founder

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    revolutionary workouts

    We offer multiple workout experiences at ULTIFIT; Group Personal Training, OC Fusion (obstacle course training), ULTIROM, and Open Gym. Learn more about each class by visiting our class descriptions page.


    fitness accountability program

    Test drive ULTIFIT for 6 WEEKS and receive UNLIMITED ACCESS to classes and adult open gym for $149—that’s just $25/week! This trial includes before and after progress testing so you can SEE your results.

    Memberships & Rates

    Gym membership rates

    Whether you’re looking to start a new fitness journey, supplement an existing fitness plan, or just want to drop in for a class from time-to-time, we have a perfect option for you.

    Obstacle Course Fusion

    Obstacle Course Training

    Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is an exciting sport in which competitors challenge themselves to overcome various obstacles while racing against the clock.

    Many obstacles are similar to those used in military training, while others are unique to obstacle racing and are employed throughout the course to test endurance, strength, speed, and dexterity.

    Inspired by the hit television show Ninja Warrior on NBC, UTIFIT offers a wide variety of ninja-style obstacle courses for adult Obstacle Course Racers of every age and skill level. We have an agility course, swinging ropes, monkey bars, quintuple steps, climbing and warped walls among other exciting obstacles for adults to try, practice, and master.

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    Personal Group Training


    An ULTIFIT Group Personal Training class is unlike any workout you’ve ever experienced!
    We deliver a energetic HIIT style workout in a group environment, that can be modified to any fitness level and accommodated for those suffering from injuries and/or physical limitations.
    The challenging workouts, the culture of our community, the accountability and our focus on becoming stronger, will keep you coming back for more!
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    Test drive ULTIFIT for 6 WEEKS and receive UNLIMITED ACCESS to classes and adult open gym for $149—that’s just $25/week!

    Push 4 Progress is more than a slogan, it’s a mantra here at ULTIFIT.

    We understand that everyone has their own goals, their own standards, and their own starting point. This is why we encourage you to focus every single workout on being better than YOU were yesterday.

    Just starting out? Push4Progress is the perfect way to try out our program and track your results from start to finish!

    How It Works

    Once you purchase your 6 week trial, just book your first class and you will have 6 weeks of unlimited access from that date!

    You will gain access to all 50 minute class options throughout the 6 weeks. By the end of your 6 weeks, we guarantee you will see and feel the progress. There is no better way to test drive our program and dial in which of our various membership levels is best for you!

    Email us today to get started.


    Join our #ULTIFITfam in our journey to Push4Progress.



    Open Gym is an opportunity for independent work, allowing you to focus a specific skill you've been wanting to master or to create your own workout.

    ULTIFIT offers a handful of Open Gym times each week with full access to obstacles and equipment, the perfect opportunity to master obstacles, or work out independently.

    You also have the option to stay after any morning class to extend your workout.

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    Open Gym Obstacle Course Training

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