Where progress is the ULTIMATE goal
High Intensity Interval Training
Our style of training is the best bang for your buck. Effectively build lean muscle while also maintaining an elevated heart rate to help increase your body's heart health and ability to burn unwanted and unhealthy body fat.
TRX Suspension Training
One of our favorite methods of training! Suspension training allows you to use your own body weight as the resistance, forcing you to engage of your core while effectively building lean muscle in all of your muscle groups.
Strength Training
Strong is better than skinny. We will help you build lean muscle throughout your entire body which will increase your body's metabolic rate and ability to burn more calories throughout the day.
Calisthenics Training
Truly the most “functional” style of training. Learn hundreds of body weight movements that will help you become a higher functioning version of yourself and improve your activities of daily living.
OC Training
Do you have an upcoming Spartan or OCR event? Do you love watching Ninja Warrior? Attend one of our OC FUSION classes and experience coaching and learn proper technique on our state of the art, indoor obstacle course, inspired by the hit TV show.
ultiFIT is the pioneer of High Intensity Interval Training meets obstacle training! If obstacles aren’t your thing, no worries, we also offer Group Functional Fitness Classes in a high energy, positive, team environment. Each workout is uniquely designed (daily) by Co-Creators, Brian Redard (NETFLIX’s Ultimate Beastmaster S1E9) and Tori Clement (ANW Competitor Season 9&10). The icing on the cake is our regular “Progress Testing”. Every 6 weeks we hold our clients accountable to their goals by performing a full body fitness assessment to track results through Body Composition, Maximal Strength, Mobility, and Recovery Heart Rate.
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Test drive the program with unlimited access for 6 weeks!
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Membership Options
Level 1
Full access to the facility during operating hours of classes
4 classes per month
Ideal for the traveler or supplementing a current fitness program
Level 2
Full access to the facility during operating hours of classes
9 classes per month
Access to all adult open gyms
Ideal for those starting or supplementing a fitness program
Level 3
Full access to the facility during operating hours of classes
13 classes per month
Access to all adult open gyms
Ideal for those who are committed to advanced results
Level 4
Full access to the facility during operating hours of classes
Unlimited classes per month
Access to all adult open gyms
Ideal for those who want to make the ultimate lifestyle change
Check Out Our Specialized Programs
Group Personal Training
An ultiFIT Group Personal Training class is unlike any workout you’ve ever experienced! We deliver a energetic HIIT style workout in a group environment, that can be modified to any fitness level and accommodated for those suffering from injuries and/or physical limitations. The challenging workouts, the culture of our community, the accountability and our focus on becoming stronger, will keep you coming back for more!
OC Fusion
Training for your next OCR event or Ninja competition? Are you a fan of American Ninja Warrior and always wanted to try your luck? Or maybe you’re just looking for a fun, unique style of training? Our OC Fusion class is just for you! Our workouts are designed by our Co-Creators and are the perfect blend of functional strength and obstacle training. In our classes you will experience technical coaching to help you overcome any obstacle!
Our Push4Progress program doubles as a 6 Week Trial period (unlimited access) for newcomers that want to try us out, as well as an accountable program for our new and current clients! We conduct Progress Testing every 6 weeks to track your progress along the way. We track your weight, lean muscle %, body fat % and body measurements, as well as test your max strength in all major muscles groups, your mobility and heart rate endurance. Please inquire for more details!
All the Extras!
Personal Training
Add on 1-3 hours of personal training per week and instantly level up to our Ultimate Membership, while also getting the 1 on 1 accountability you need to reach your goals.
No Membership Needed
$20 Walk-in for a class without a membership. Low commitment with high intensity training.
Same Household Discount
10% off each additional (ultiFIT) membership.
Military & First Responders Discount
20% off of any membership or package.
Gift Cards
Give the gift of fitness to your loved one! Gift cards can be purchased at the front desk of Ultimate Ninjas.
American Ninja Warrior Competitor Discount
25% off of any membership or package.