8 Week OCR Training Program



8 Weeks of Unlimited Access For $180

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8 Weeks of Unlimited Access For $180

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Obstacle Course Training

ULTIFIT Obstacle Course classes will provide you with the strength and technique necessary to overcome any obstacle.

8 Week program includes:

  • Unlimited access to all ULTIFIT coach-led classes.
  •  Professional coaching in two daily class options:
    1. Obstacle Course Fusion - Come build the strength and learn the technique necessary to overcome every obstacle in this fitness class like no other.
    2. Group Personal Training - Full body functional fitness class designed to challenge every muscle in your body while building cardiovascular strength through our interval style training.
  • Unlimited access to Adult Open Gym.
  • Weekly access to Sunday morning OCR Club workouts (Glenview location)
    and the ULTIFIT OCR Club Facebook Page.
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We are that place that's going to help get you prepared for pretty much anything that you're out there doing because each of our workouts is a very quick hit of every muscle in your body.
I am in the best physical shape of my life. Since doing ULTIFIT, I have added 10-15% on my ability in races.
I like to see and be inspired by the people who have the competition-level ability. They can do it much better than I can, but with time I feel like I can get on their level.
I started doing tough mudders, and I know for a fact that I was able to do that and not really struggle because of ULTIFIT.
During the race I was thinking, this is awesome and I want to train really hard for next year. I used to think that I could never do that. Now, I know that it takes technique and timing, and it feels less out of my reach.

    Real Results


    "At age 60, I am in the best physical shape of my life by 15%."


    Calvin A - Libertyville, Illinois

    Attends OC Fusion & Group Fitness Classes

    Initial Goal: Not Get Hurt

    The mantra I use is training and don't get injured. What I love about ULTIFIT is that it can be modified to whatever level you are at. My coach is so good at encouraging you and also spotting when you are not doing the exercises correctly, which could lead to injury and not being as effective as it should.

    Results: Improved Balance, Reduced Shoulder Pain

    My balance when I first got there was awful. I am 60 and balance is so important for people getting older. When weight lifting you don't cover those smaller muscles, but when you work at the ninja gym, those bigger muscles are worked. Also, I used to have shoulder pain in my left shoulder. I can sleep on my left side now because of working the rings, working the A-frame bars, working the cargo net, working the climbing wall, all these things.

    Obstacle Progress: Increased ability in races

    I was in very, very good shape when I did my first race at 59 years old because I had done Spartan races for a few years. Since doing ULTIFIT, I have added 10-15% on my ability in races, and I have increased my pull-ups and my grip strength, and also my enjoyment of working out. 

    Recently, I was in an obstacle course race on a ski hill in New Jersey, and I finished third in my age category. Carrying a sandbag up a ski hill was the hardest thing I've ever done. I am in the best physical shape of my life.

    Why He Keeps Coming Back: Positive community, effectiveness

    I was diligent to work out by myself but working in a group is so much more inspiring. We encourage each other so much. It is a rare thing to experience such a positive workout with people and it is so effective in developing better core strength, upper body, and other things I didn't know were so important for my races but also for everyday life. You get the individualized attention that makes me work harder.

    "At age 60, I am in the best physical shape of my life by 15%."
    Calvin A