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Team Building is all about understanding, appreciating and developing the people you work with. Our Team Building events are created to improve team performance and enhance workplace culture, as well as getting people a little outside their comfort zone and having a great time doing it!
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Level 1
1.5 Hours
*10 person minimum
Per Head
Level 2
2 Hours
*15 person minimum
Per Head
Level 3
2.5 Hours
*20 person minimum
Per Head
Level 4
3 Hours
*25 person minimum
Per Head

About Our Programs

We have designed our team building programs to help develop:
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Bonding
  • Confidence
  • Trust
  • Morale
  • Respect
  • Overcoming difficult tasks (or obstacles!)
  • Having fun!
Make sure you are DRESSED TO PLAY! Athletic clothing, laced sneakers and a water bottle are suggested.
What activities can we offer during our Team Events?
Open Play
The gym is your playground! Feel free to use the gym and the obstacles at your leisure. Trained staff will be on site to assist and give you various challenges on the obstacles.
Team Building
Teamwork, communication and a little fun, to help bring your team closer together! Compete in various exercises, obstacles and games, to help build better comradery in the workplace.
Course Runs
Ever wonder what it’s like to run a real Ninja Warrior course? Now’s your opportunity to race against your fellow co-workers, for a chance to hit the infamous red buzzer! (Level 2 or higher)
*The number of participants and duration of event will depend on what services we can offer.

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