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ULTIFIT is a revolutionary workout program that combines the most effective principals of high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) and obstacle course training (optional) for BIG results. Whether you are an advanced athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, our classes meet you where you are and help you accomplish goals you never thought possible.

We take your health and fitness very seriously here at ULTIFIT, and each location has adapted protocols to ensure a safe and effective workout experience through social distancing, no shared equipment, and individual workout pods.

ULTIFIT is a partner of Ultimate Ninjas, offering classes at the Chicago, Naperville, Libertyville, Saint Louis, and North Shore locations.

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How We Got Started

ULTIFIT  Co-Creators, Brian (from Pennsylvania) and Tori (from New Hampshire), have been training in the fitness industry for over 10 years. They met at a local ninja competition in Boston in 2015 and began collaborating to incorporate obstacle training into their own workouts. Their self-developed training led them both to compete at an elite level in 2016-2017. Tori competed on Ninja Warrior (Season 9 &10) and Brian competed on NETFLIX’s Ultimate Beastmaster (Season 1).

The fitness power couple was unstoppable and their next goal was to open a gym together.

Tori moved to Pennsylvania to start a fitness/obstacle gym with Brian that would offer classes for adults and kids. As they started to hunt for spaces, a new opportunity presented itself in Chicago, IL.

Ultimate Ninjas, an up-and-coming Ninja Obstacle Course training facility, was launching two more locations in the Chicago area. Their good friend, Jesse Labreck (who they also met at the ninja competition in Boston back in 2015), was recruited to be a general manager and manage the gym's kids programs. Brian and Tori were brought on to develop and implement an innovative fitness program for adults.

ULTIFIT launched in October of 2017 in Chicago. Since then, the program has expanded to Naperville, Libertyville and now St. Louis.

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Tori Clement


Brian Redard


The concept for ULTIFIT was inspired by its co-creators’ passion for helping everyday people do extraordinary things, both inside and outside of the gym. Our mission is to create the most fun and supportive gym experience you’ve ever had, no matter what fitness level you start at.

Every class is designed to build stronger bodies and develop stronger mindsets, with new challenges in each workout. Our coaches will motivate, modify, challenge, and coach you through movements that will not only make you stronger in the gym but will help you function better in your everyday life.

Our Mantra “Progress over Perfection” echoes throughout the gym, as we take your idea of “perfect” and show you how progress can change your life.

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